Disinformation campaign

The more I learn about organized stalking, the more I see or discover the parallels with other types of abuse. I’m trying to find some academic articles related to organized stalking and found this on Google Scholar. It’s from a Google book and the parallel is with the use of disinformation in WWII and the “false memory syndrome” used in child abuse cases. Both used people (perps) who made false claims. These false victims make the real victims guilty of fraud by association. In other words, there are all these folks that cry wolf and discredit the true targets of organized stalking.

Monarch the New Phoenix Program by Marshall Thomas p. 99

Similarly, there is something called “abuse excuse” in child abuse cases. It’s where a parent is accused of (sexual or non-sexual) child abuse and blames the protective parent of poisoning the mind of the child (this stems from the false memory syndrome). The accused says the child is not afraid of him/her due to child abuse but rather due to the spouse making the child afraid of him/her. It’s called parental alienation syndrome (PAS), which despite the lack of scientific data, has been used in courts. The problem with PAS is that you cannot distinguish the difference between an abused child and the alienated child, so it can be used as an excuse. Also, the more the protective parent tries to prove their case of real abuse, the more the accused spouse can claim PAS and “harm” being done to the child.

Can you see the parallel with organized stalking? For one, there is the disinformation campaign that makes the real victims sound crazy – if the New York Times, for example, says paranoid individuals find support on the Internet, who’s going to believe a real victims that claims it really is happening? If there are “paranoid” victims, it goes to say that all victims are paranoid. Or, so the thinking goes.

Two, like PAS, the perps say the victims are crazy. What is the difference between paranoid individuals claiming somebody is out to get them and sane individuals claiming somebody is out to get them? According to most, nothing. However, BullyOnLine lists the differences between paranoia and hypervigilance. This is information we have to disseminate. There are differences. Truly targeted individuals are not crazy, they are being stalked and harassed by something that I call the perfect crime.


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