Police abuse & “other causes”

I attended a Police Violence Abuse protest a few weeks ago in Washington, DC. I attended for two reasons. For one, I have long known that minorities were policed more heavily, pulled over more often, followed with suspicious eyes in stores more frequently, and imprisoned and killed far more commonly than whites. I understood this to be due to racism. But, recently, I have witnessed another side of police abuse – use of police intimidation for a person’s personal vendetta. So, I attended the rally for a selfish reason, too – because the police are being used to intimidate me. I have been documenting their presence and believe most would agree with me that I am seeing an abnormal amount of cops in my daily routines, particularly by my gym, when I attended a flute class on a regular basis, and when I make trips to visit my out of state relatives.   Here’s the article that mentions others are speaking up about their causes – New York protests against police violence attract other causes, too

The article talks about the police turning their backs on the mayor. I think this is a bit ironic seeing that the police are turning their backs on the public. I’m not saying it’s all police officers, but there are bad apples on the force and we need some systemic change – particularly when it comes to police abuse and misuse with law-abiding, peaceful (and unarmed) citizens.


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