Highly Sensitive Persons as targets

I am a highly sensitive person. Chances are likely, that you may be, too. Highly sensitive persons (HSPs) can be targeted in bullying/mobbing/gang stalking because we’re different. This is why stalkers can be referred to as hate groups – because they hate us based on immutable traits.

Here is info from WebMD about HSPs. Don’t worry, there are many positive characteristics of being an HSP – it has a lot more to do with than just being overly sensitive to words or behavior!

And, here is the article in Fortune I found that discusses HSPs dealing with bullying issues:

How to control workplace cruelty

Here are two quotes from the article:

Just as with certain species and the environment, some people are more vulnerable to toxic atmospheres than others. Psychologist and author Elaine Aron has written powerfully about highly sensitive people, who can provide huge benefits to a workplace but have extra-low tolerance for meanness or sensory overload.

But groups are more likely to mob those who are different from the organization’s norm, she says, and often, the best and brightest are targeted. Sometimes, the person attacked has a different communication style (direct vs. indirect) compared to others or is outspoken and willing to call out a problem. The person may have a different sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, or national background from the others in the group. High sensitivity would be another a difference, she says.

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