Creepy Crawly Missions

I was listening to a YouTube video about gang stalking and the guy mentioned “creepy crawly missions” like in the Manson cases. So, I googled Manson and sure enough, I found it. I never knew the term existed nor did I know that it had a documented history! In time, gang stalkers will be exposed and they, too, will admit to their creepy crawly missions (taking with possibly returning items, rearranging items, etc.).

Here is an excerpt of text taken from a Larry King interview with a Charles Manson follower –

KING: What’s a creepy crawly mission?

BUGLIOSI: Well, she’ll explain that to you.

KASABIAN: That’s where you just kind of sneak around people’s properties…

KING: For what purpose?

KASABIAN: To steal possessions, money.

KING: Oh. You had no idea murder was at hand?

KASABIAN: Oh, no. No.

BUGLIOSI: Before she joined the family, they had gone on some creepy crawly missions in Bel Air and Beverly Hills. They’d go into people’s homes — big mansions — and they rearranged the furniture in the middle of the night. Then people would wake up and see the furniture rearranged.


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