The Link Between Community Mobbing and Mass Shootings

The Link Between Community Mobbing and Mass Shootings.

via The Link Between Community Mobbing and Mass Shootings.


Shades Of COINTELPRO–#BlackLivesMatter

I strongly believe there will be a rise in TIs with the Ferguson-related protests since COINTEL had strong roots in the civil rights movement.

In Saner Thought

Ferguson is once again in the news…..of course there is the inevitable mentions of those darn “outside agitators”……..after the report DOJ things are starting to tighten up around the doings in the city……protestors are once again making the news…..and that is where this post will begin…..

If you are a regular visitor then you have heard me mention the government program from the 60’s and 70’s…..COINTELPRO……a little history that I was apart of in my youth.

In case you are new or too young to know of such a governmental program….I can help with that also……….

Between1956and1971,theFederalBureau of Investigation(FBI)conducted a campaign of domesticcounterintelligence.Theagency’sDomesticIntelligenceDivisiondidmorethansimplyspy on U.S.citizensandtheirorganizations;itsultimategoalwas to disrupt,discredit,anddestroycertainpoliticalgroups.Thedivision’soperationswereformallyknownwithinthebureau as

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Who do you turn to?

While I’d rather not use this blog to narrate my story or rant, I’m going to have to make an exception today. I just received a letter from the ACLU of Maryland. Here is one verbatim sentence that sums it up:

“On the basis of the material supplied, we have concluded the ACLU is unable to assist you in this matter.”

Are you *$%^&* kidding me? Who do you go to to report gang stalking, potentially COINTELPRO? If it were only me, it would be one thing, but, I’ve now encountered quite a few resources to let me know I am by no means alone.

And while I’m outing organizations, I have also been to (without any luck):

The Open Society Institute (this really ticks me off)

The local police, Internal Affairs, and the Commissioner’s office

The local FBI

It’s been a bad day today. I feel like telling people to stop procreating – that’s how bad it is.


How to accept social isolation

Since I’m an introvert by nature and may even have Asperger’s, I feel like I may have an advantage with isolation – I’m also always looking for a silver lining – even a sliver. But, nonetheless, I do get lonely, and I feel trapped that I can’t do things that I would normally do. I found this link helpful and hope you do, too.

How to accept social isolation for targeted individuals: 11 steps

Support groups for TIs

I didn’t know these existed – I’m still new to this and don’t spend as much time as I’d like researching it. I tend to read books at night. So far, I’ve read 3 books by TIs. I’ll try to post links and mini-reviews in time. Anyway, here is the link to one site that has support groups in the US and Canada:

Google ‘targeted individuals support groups’ – there are also online forums and perhaps Meet Up groups available.

Government surveillance on law-abiding citizens

Source: Wikipedia

Too many people have been spied upon by too many Government agencies and too much information has been illegally collected. The Government has often undertaken the secret surveillance of citizens on the basis of their political beliefs, even when those beliefs posed no threat of violence or illegal acts on behalf of a hostile foreign power. The Government, operating primarily through secret and biased informants, but also using other intrusive techniques such as wiretaps, microphone “bugs”, surreptitious mail opening, and break-ins, has swept in vast amounts of information about the personal lives, views, and associations of American citizens. Investigations of groups deemed potentially dangerous—and even of groups suspected of associating with potentially dangerous organizations—have continued for decades, despite the fact that those groups did not engage in unlawful activity.

Groups and individuals have been assaulted, repressed, harassed and disrupted because of their political views,social believes and their lifestyles. Investigations have been based upon vague standards whose breadth made excessive collection inevitable. Unsavory, harmful and vicious tactics have been employed—including anonymous attempts to break up marriages, disrupt meetings, ostracize persons from their professions, and provoke target groups into rivalries that might result in deaths. Intelligence agencies have served the political and personal objectives of presidents and other high officials. While the agencies often committed excesses in response to pressure from high officials in the Executive branch and Congress, they also occasionally initiated improper activities and then concealed them from officials whom they had a duty to inform.

Governmental officials—including those whose principal duty is to enforce the law—have violated or ignored the law over long periods of time and have advocated and defended their right to break the law.

The Constitutional system of checks and balances has not adequately controlled intelligence activities. Until recently the Executive branch has neither delineated the scope of permissible activities nor established procedures for supervising intelligence agencies. Congress has failed to exercise sufficient oversight, seldom questioning the use to which its appropriations were being put. Most domestic intelligence issues have not reached the courts, and in those cases when they have reached the courts, the judiciary has been reluctant to grapple with them.[74][75]