Who do you turn to?

While I’d rather not use this blog to narrate my story or rant, I’m going to have to make an exception today. I just received a letter from the ACLU of Maryland. Here is one verbatim sentence that sums it up:

“On the basis of the material supplied, we have concluded the ACLU is unable to assist you in this matter.”

Are you *$%^&* kidding me? Who do you go to to report gang stalking, potentially COINTELPRO? If it were only me, it would be one thing, but, I’ve now encountered quite a few resources to let me know I am by no means alone.

And while I’m outing organizations, I have also been to (without any luck):

The Open Society Institute (this really ticks me off)

The local police, Internal Affairs, and the Commissioner’s office

The local FBI

It’s been a bad day today. I feel like telling people to stop procreating – that’s how bad it is.



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