Shades Of COINTELPRO–#BlackLivesMatter

I strongly believe there will be a rise in TIs with the Ferguson-related protests since COINTEL had strong roots in the civil rights movement.

In Saner Thought

Ferguson is once again in the news…..of course there is the inevitable mentions of those darn “outside agitators”……..after the report DOJ things are starting to tighten up around the doings in the city……protestors are once again making the news…..and that is where this post will begin…..

If you are a regular visitor then you have heard me mention the government program from the 60’s and 70’s…..COINTELPRO……a little history that I was apart of in my youth.

In case you are new or too young to know of such a governmental program….I can help with that also……….

Between1956and1971,theFederalBureau of Investigation(FBI)conducted a campaign of domesticcounterintelligence.Theagency’sDomesticIntelligenceDivisiondidmorethansimplyspy on U.S.citizensandtheirorganizations;itsultimategoalwas to disrupt,discredit,anddestroycertainpoliticalgroups.Thedivision’soperationswereformallyknownwithinthebureau as

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