Anchoring 101

Here’s a great resource on anchoring:

How to change your emotions

A classic example of an anchor is Ivan Pavlov’s dogs. Every time Pavlov fed his dogs, he rang a bell. When Pavlov had done this a few times, he only needed to ring the bell, without feeding the dogs, and the dogs started to think about food and salivate. This is an anchor.

Here’s what the torturers do-

The stronger and more intense the emotion is, the more powerful the anchor becomes. The more times you repeat the anchor, the more you amplify the anchor. The more powerful it is, the more emotions you get when it is triggered.

Here’s what you should do when they try to anchor a negative emotion – collapse it!

Yes, you can indeed. This is called to collapse an anchor. The process is simple. Trigger both a positive and negative anchor at the same time, and they will eliminate each other. Both anchors are weakened.

For me, I interpret this as anchoring a positive emotion to their trigger word or sound taking the power away from them.

Remember you have control over your body, emotions, spirit, soul – don’t give them any of this power. Keep it to yourself. Put walls up to protect yourself. You have more power than you know!


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