What is anchoring or what are anchors or triggers?

Anchoring first occurred to me at work and it confused me – why were all these co-workers using the same words? I would call them triggers for lack of a better term (or understanding).

Here are some of the words/terms that have been used on me to anchor negative thoughts/feelings –

  • frustrating
  • reciprocal
  • crazy
  • chiming in

Here are some of the sounds –

  • door slamming
  • dog barking
  • sirens

I’ve since learned that this is a technique in mobbing and community-based harassment. The perps use a word repeatedly to trigger a negative response. So when I felt confused, frightened, annoyed or stressed (all of the above!) that people kept using the term ‘crazy’ (one person said it over 25 times in one day), the feeling associated with the word got stuck in my brain to react stressed. So even when I hear it said naturally, by non-perps, I could still get the little electric shock of stress pulsing through my body. It can become like a shock somebody controls remotely and on auto-pilot. The perps just have to get it started, the rest will take care of itself. I suppose that’s why the words or terms change every so often.

I’ve tried to overcome it myself by using a technique I call “take back the word” – which stems from my knowledge of the “Take Back the Night” activism on college campuses to protest sexual assault. In this way, I use the word myself repeatedly. I think of it as fighting back and try to associate feelings of strength with it.

I also just Googled it and found this site –

How to remove an anchor

If you have some bad anchors that you want to get rid of, its still possible, for example if you feel bad whenever you workout you can easily remove that anchor, removing an anchor can simply be done by repeating one of the events alone without the other event being prevented by time, your subconscious mind will separate both events and so the anchor will be removed. Source: http://www.nlpworld.co.uk/nlp-glossary/a/anchoring/

I’m sure there are better explanations, but in the meantime, I’ll post this and keep researching.

Hang in there, peeps!

I now understand that people used these terms to trigger a response in me.


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