Cointelpro resurrection

Many in the TI community believe gang stalking stems from a covert FBI program previously called Cointelpro. Cointelpro targeted dissidents, which is pretty much what the current program is doing – targeting whistle blowers, activists, writers, etc.

Here is a sworn testimony from Ted Gunderson, a former FBI agent, who worked in a supervisory capacity in Cointelpro and who believes it began again in the 1980s, targeting innocent citizens, and increased in “scope, intensity, and sophistication.”   Sworn Affidavit FBI Chief

Here are the documents from the last Cointelpro. A group of citizens broke into a local FBI office in Media, PA and stole files. They remained anonymous but are going to go public in a documentary (link below) coming up in May.

Here is the documentary – be sure to watch it in May.


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