10 Tips for Activism

1. Write letters to the editor. Most newspapers are online and will have information about how to submit one. In general, they are under 200 words (most Word programs have word counts) and tend to request something – a change in opinion or policy, etc. We can ask for the Patriot Act to end, a Congressional investigation into the FBIs Cointel program, provide info on Fusion Centers, etc.
2. If you can, write an op-ed. They are a harder to publish, but it’s possible. There are a few online places where anybody can submit an op-ed, like American Chronicle.
3. Call all the Suicide Prevention hotlines and crisis centers and make sure they know about TIs. Print a one-page fact sheet (cut & paste information or write it from scratch).
4. Call all the mental health centers and associations (APA, NAMI), etc. and provide them with information on organized stalking and the difference between paranoia and hyper-vigilance –
5.Call all of the human rights organizations and tell them about organized stalking.
6. Contact ALL your elected officials and tell them about organized stalking and what they could do (if on a state level, pass legislation like what Michigan has or the State Surveillance Repeal Act) (if on a federal level – Congress – tell them to end the Patriot Act and investigate the FBI).
7. Contact those from the previous Cointelpro – the group that broke into the FBI office – and seek their help and advice.
8. Contact the media – TV, radio, newspapers, etc. – and ask them to write about this. Offer to be interviewed or to refer them to those who can be interviewed (Tyrone Dew most likely – I don’t know of others yet).
9. Blog about this and link to blogs. Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
10. Hold educational events – talk to schools, classrooms, civic organizations, have a table at the mall, etc. about organized stalking. Create flyers, fact sheets, etc.

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