Police sirens? Shake it off!

Okay, so if you’re a TI, you may be hearing police or fire truck sirens quite often. Over time, it can be unsettling.

Here’s one idea that might work. Buy an inexpensive maraca or other type of music shaker. They sell them cheaply on eBay. Now, when you hear a police siren, shake the maraca! Make it fun – get into it! Voila – in time, when you hear sirens, you’ll have a much more pleasant association.

I keep a tall cylindrical shaker on my desk, so when I hear sirens, it’s within reach. Sometimes I get up and dance, or I go bang on my drum. In my car, I keep an egg shaker – they’re shaped like an egg. Every time I hear sirens in my car, I shake it off. Give it a go!


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