Is the US heading for a police state?

Kirk Wiebe said that the public and political response to the NSA surveillance disclosures has not been encouraging, and painted a dire picture of civil liberties abuses, the militarization of local police forces and the “de facto destruction of the Constitution.”

“I am now entering the phase where I am becoming frightened,” Wiebe said. “People have asked me, are we going to be able to get out of this mess…to turn the Titanic around?…I don’t see the way to miss hitting the iceberg.”

“We as a nation are more aware of these issues than ever before,” Wiebe said, but “we’ve become a society willing to look the other way in the face of wrongdoing,” adding: “We are no longer afraid of the police state happening. It’s here in small measures, in increasing measures, week by week, day by day…”


As a targeted individual (TI), I’ve been concerned, as we all are, about our civil and constitutional rights. And, as most of us experience (how many??), I see police presence just about anywhere I go, even when I go out of state. Coupled with police brutality and unwarranted surveillance (as well as the possibility we are in a government-sponsored non-consensual experimental trial), I fear we may be headed to a police state, too.

This particular article is about CIA whistle blower Jeffrey Sterling, who was just sentenced to 3.5 years, under the Espionage Act, for leaking sensitive to a NY Times reporter. Espionage, as we all know, is when individuals provide sensitive information to foreign governments, not to US newspapers. From all accounts, Obama’s administration has set horrible precedents for whistle blowers (not very Nobel-prize worthy behavior, is it?).

Binney said he had been painted by NSA as someone who had no credibility “because I was a disgruntled former employee.”

Another blow to whistle blowers. This is not democracy.

Lastly, if you haven’t already, please call your Representatives in Congress, write a letter to the editor, or post to your blog, etc. in support of the Surveillance State Repeal Act HR 1466.


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