Thank you, CBS for printing article: People Fearing Space Weapons Target One California Town

Wo-hoo! CBS printed an article about the recent success TIs had in Richmond City, CA. While the last paragraph should have been left out, it is still something to celebrate – recognition from a reputable online venue.


Vice Mayor Jael Myrick said in a statement that he now regrets voting in favor of the resolution.

“It has become clear in the past two weeks that this resolution is being used by some to validate very dangerous conspiracy theories that may be having a real negative impact on the lives of people with serious mental illness and those around them,” Myrick said.


The complaints appear to be coming from a worldwide network of people who think they are under constant assault from such technology and refer to themselves as “targeted individuals.”

Richmond’s resolution has been perceived as a heroic and validating step to those feeling inundated by electronic surveillance and stalking through secret military technology, according to Butt.

PLEASE do two things:

1. Comment on this article or any of the articles discussing the Richmond City resolution banning space weapons. It shows them there is interest in the story. It also provides us a voice.

2. Contact Mayor Myrick at and let him know TIs are not mentally ill. Feel free to use information from my previous blog post on distinguishing mental illness from hyper-vigilance. Some TIs may be suffering from PTSD or other illnesses, but let them know the complaints are real and need to be taken seriously.


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