Another mass shooting…another TI? Manchurian Candidate?

First, I want to say my thoughts & prayers go out to the families (and all victims’ families) of these mass shooters. It also goes out to our country, which is experiencing an increase in these senseless killings.

Second, I want to make clear that IF this shooter is a Targeted Individual (TI) that not all Targeted Individuals are violent. Personally, I am a pacifist. I do not condone violence – I condone peaceful protests. I believe ‘the pen is mightier than the sword.” And, I might bark, but I never bite.

I say these things because the media is saying the shooter was “anti-government” and “anti-media.” Since learning that Myron May (FSU shooter) and Aaron Alexis (Navy Yard) were TIs, I now wonder how many of these shooters are TIs. Not that TIs are violent – Being a Targeted Individual is incredibly difficult; in fact, it is outright torture, or psychological warfare. And, although I believe gang stalking and non consensual human experimentation is being used by the US – I still love my country. In fact, the hardest part of all this is seeing how corruption can take over the values of this nation. I firmly believe in Democracy, transparency, and all our Constitutional, Civil, and Human Rights. These are exactly what I am fighting for – and not just for myself, for everyone.

I want to share some text from a website I found today.


PsyOp attacks contain painful stimuli that are conveyed to the TA using a series of products referred to as a theme. The TA is relentlessly attacked with these stimuli through all channels of communication which they rely on. The painful stimuli are concealed to any casual observer.

The TA’s environment is also changed. The TA can be a civilian individual. PsyOp is synchronized with EW (directed-energy weapons and the manipulation of electromagnetic signals), CNO (disrupting and destroying computers and networks), and all other instruments of national power. It takes place globally. The battlespace is your neighborhoods.

PsyOp uses civilians as irregular forces. Controlling these forces are NGOs and international groups that work with the military and federal agencies. Much of modern PsyOp was built by a small group of private interests, which we learned in the previous volume were using the social sciences to install a global government. Some of these are the exact same groups promoting the use of PsyOp on civilians.


So far, multiple military and other government sources have revealed that PsyOp is being used on civilians in the US and other countries.3 These admissions suggest that some the following military forces (or variations of them) are now functioning in your cities and towns: psychological operations group (POG), PsyOp Task Force (POTF), Tactical PsyOp Detachment (TPD), and Tactical PsyOp Team (TPT)


This means that literally every single channel of communication that a TA [targeted audience] relies on is interfered with and used to convey PsyOp themes (attacks). Remember, the battlespace is your cities and towns, which, by extension, means homes and workplaces. And a TA can be a civilian individual.


Isolating people from their support structure and discrediting them are a standard part of PsyOp. PsyOp units conduct counterpropaganda in the AO. They attempt to diffuse any influence that the TA has on the civilian population in that area. They also seek to establish their own legitimacy. The types of support that they deny the TA include: political, financial, human, informational, and other.

This covers a wide range of resources that the TA is denied. According to a 2003 report by US Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies, denying the enemy basic human needs may cause them to stop certain behavior until lower-level needs are satisfied. Some of these include: physiological, safety/security, esteem/value, self-realization, and belongingness.

Removing food and water (physiological), denying them refuge (safety), isolating them from the populace (belongingness), or discrediting them (esteem), may cause people to seek to correct these deficiencies before continuing with their behavior, the report tells us.9

The US military has specifically stated that it will deny critical services to the enemy. While it does not describe what these critical services are, it obviously includes proper medical treatment, which can be accomplished when the military works with civilian organizations during CMO.


One way that PsyOp personnel can isolate the TA is by conducting a rumor campaign. Well-planned rumors launched by the military are devastating weapons. Their primary elements include the source, the rumor, and the receiver-repeater (R2). In order for the rumor campaign to be successful, the source of the rumor must be credible to the receiver, the rumor itself must be plausible, and the R2 must spread the rumor.

The US and its allies will terrorize the civilian population to achieve their political objectives. The DOD specifically stated: “Some IW activities, such as terrorism and transnational crime, violate international law. US law and national policy prohibit US military forces or other government agencies (OGAs) from engaging in or supporting such activities.”

“However,” they continued, “since our adversaries employ terrorism and transnational criminal activities against the interests of the United States and its partners, these activities are included … as examples of the range of operations and activities that can be conducted as part of IW.” Similarly, the US Marine Corps document, Multi-Service Concept for Irregular Warfare of August 2006 mentioned, “frightening the population into inactivity is sufficient to [achieve] our goals.”


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