US-sponsored human experimentation in mainstream media

Here’s an article from France on US-sponsored human experimentation. It appears to be on the tails of a French documentary. It goes through some history. The documentary is available in the French language.

US-sponsored human experimentation in mainstream and mind control increasingly in mainstream media

The difficulty in writing this article consisted in reading articles and watching clips on unbelievably sadistic and unethical human behavior. It is hard for me to imagine crimes more nightmarish than the ones exposed above. The good news is that finding the information was relatively simple. It is encouraging that mainstream TV programs are increasingly taking an interest in looking at the research and bringing it to a public audience. How are we to demand justice and prevent future horrors if we do not even know they exist?

PLEASE leave a comment and note that you are a targeted individual or simply a citizen concerned about psy-ops (gang stalking or organized stalking) and non-consensual human experimentation.


One thought on “US-sponsored human experimentation in mainstream media

  1. What an unbelievable spit in the face of mankind for people to experiment on people. I cannot believe that we, as a nation, not only permit it but we fund it with millions of dollars. When studies are completed and reports compiled, no one helps the victims. Confused, broke – most have lost just about everything including their self respect. All of those intelligent minds advancing science, medicine, technology studying the human brain, body and behavior and not one has the guts enough to help the victims. I don’t fade how high the IQ is or how prestigious of an education the Experimentors have, if they cannot figure out how to mitigate the damages done to victim participants by taking the time to counsel them about what has occurred and help them recover, then maybe they need to go back to school or better yet-contact me and I’ll help. I’m not as smart and certainly not notable, but I’m a person who respects the value of people and I’m not scared to communicate with other victims. They deserve to know.


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