Whistle blower, whistle blower

I penned 8 poems this summer, which would bring my lifetime total to, ummm, maybe 10? It really felt great to express my feelings in this manner – and I plan to write more. Here is one dedicated to all the truth tellers out there, with the sincerest desire for the War on Whistle blowers to end quickly and peacefully.

Whistle blower, whistle blower out on a limb
They promised you safety,
didn’t teach you how to swim.
Now the sharks are circling,
waiting for you to fall in.
Perched high upon your branch,
you never stood a chance.
The apathetic mob below,
neither friend nor foe
only those seeking amusement or the promise of security
at the cost of your happiness and pursuit of liberty. 

Whistle blower, whistle blower out on a limb
A strong wind is coming in
to deliver you to Him
or put you away forever and a day.
They’ll jail you or assail you,
take you to the funny farm or let you inflict self-harm.
Since suicide is the goal.
Easy, once it swallows you whole.
To escape the pain and insanity,
professional hypocrites sent your way.

Whistle blower, whistle blower out on a limb
You’re barely noticeable, you’re a beacon that’s dim.
Nobody stops to assist you.
They only pause to inflict you,
with a poison of an epidemic of apathy or polemic.








2 thoughts on “Whistle blower, whistle blower

  1. I am a targeted individual for 7 years if there is anything I can do to help pls let me know
    If there are any awareness groups or groups in general to join sign me up
    William Brock


    • Hi William – Thanks for commenting. I would just suggest raising awareness within your networks – it’s so hard to make referrals to awareness groups as many are led by disinfo agents – sticking to legitimate ones involved in Constitutional or civil rights might help. Best wishes sent your way.


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