About this blog…

This blog is devoted to the topic of Community Based Harassment, also known as gang stalking. Community Based Harassment (CBH) is a form of adult bullying. In CBH, however, the bully does not act alone. He or she enlists the support of others in the community to harass and stalk the target. A term used to describe this is ‘harassment by proxy’ since the bully uses others (I like the term lemmings or lackeys) to do their dirty work.

Typically, the harassment is covert, frequent and chronic, and there are many ‘players’ involved. This provides protection to the leader, who is now hidden and removed from the direct line of attacks, and the lackeys, who all share responsibility. Ironically, these very same harassers may show – overtly – kindness, sympathy, or flattery. This also provides them with a level of protection as well as make the target look crazy if he or she complains about them. And, here lies the caveat, the goal of CBH is to make the target (Targeted Individual or TI) look crazy. In fact, it’s to get them to crack up or commit suicide (bullycide). There may be other goals, but abuse is abuse and will never have positive outcomes.

In this blog, I will try to write posts with the following objectives.

  • Provide support to TIs and those concerned about them.
  • Seek solutions that help TIs cope, collect evidence, or anything else to ease the pain.
  • Raise awareness to a serious problem that gets little attention.
  • Share resources about this topic and related ones.

I should mention that I am a TI myself. It took me a long time to find a term to what I was experiencing and to realize others were going through something similar. When I found information and others, it provided some relief. I’d like to pay it forward and offer the same to others finding themselves in this situation. I also want to work on finding solutions to my own personal case as well as to this community health threat.

My background is in health and human rights. I have written about victims of harassment and violence and have seen some similarities with CBH. I am also a non-conformist that has always disliked conformity and groupthink. I believe a lot of the world’s problems were due to groupthink, and CBH will certainly fall into this realm. I will strive to keep this blog professional and helpful. Just please keep in mind that I am undergoing this tremendously stressful situation (some days or weeks are better than others) and I may not be able to post often or lucidly, though I will try my best. (I wonder, too, if this blog will be hacked or tampered with.)

I will begin this blog with positive thoughts and intentions that we will all get through this torment and, moreover, create a better future that allows every individual their rights to freedom, liberty, and happiness – as these basic rights are taken from TIs. Let’s all live and let live and get on with our lives already. I survived breast cancer 4 years ago – I’ve been experiencing mobbing and community based harassment for 3 of those years. I’d very much like to pursue some goals and dreams while I still can. Live & let live. Live & let live. Live & let live. It has become my mantra…I’m hoping it becomes reality.



4 thoughts on “About this blog…

  1. Group stalkers and workplace mobbers often display superficial charm and friendliness while masking deeply rooted sadism. This is very common with sociopaths across the spectrum of sociopathy from Madoff to Ted Bundy.


  2. One of the worst aspects of this despicable and cowardly act is the role that law enforcement does or does not play. Seemingly they become a part of the problem, instead of the solution.


  3. I would like to get in touch with this blogger. This is one of the best plain and simple styles of writing I’ve seen on these topics without all the typical disinformation and distracting far fetched “side rants”. They keep it very grounded in reality based on experience and facts without jumping to opinionated conclusions they know exactly how it works or who’s behind it. It’s a very complex problem and I believe this steady approach is the only hope in gaining ground against it. Unfortunately it looks like this person has stop blogging and keeping this site up. I would very much like to get in contact with them. Hopefully everything is ok with them or possibly they have moved their efforts to another forum. If anyone can give a contact or way to reach this person it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


  4. This is a nice blog that tackles these subjects well. I would like to get in contact with the blogger but it seems they have stopped posting or moved to another place. If anyone has a way to contact them it would be greatly appreciated.


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