BORDC/DD Activism: Turn up the heat on Congress

We’re running out of time for making visits to our elected officials in August – when Congress Members are in their home state – but you can also plan to meet your officials in Washington, DC or call them by phone. Here is Defending Dissent’s activism plan…

Tun up the heat on Congress!

Our campaign to Investigate the FBI is gaining steam– but we need your help to make Congress feel the heat this summer. 

Members of Congress will be in their home districts in August, so it’s a great opportunity to meet with them face to face to demand an end to FBI political spying and a full investigation into FBI abuses of its counterterrorism authorities.


Humane Campaign August 19 – December 10, 2015 Schedule of activities for September

The Humane Campaign (asking humanity for humaneness) is a pilot program of 16 weeks of activism. It starts on August 19, 2015, which is World Humanitarian Day, and concludes on December 10, 2015, Human Rights Day. During this time Targeted Individuals and allies can participate in a wide variety of activism, either from home or by coming to Washington, DC. If you have any suggestions to add or any comments, please use the comment section below. Thank you.

Humane Campaign…A campaign asking humanity for humaneness

August 19 – December 10

16 Weeks of Activism

SEPTEMBERA September to Remember

This month is dedicated to remembrance of lives lost through violence from 9/11 to Aaron Alexis and the 12 lives he took. It is also a time to reflect on our history – from Operation Paperclip to non-consensual human experimentation, from COINTELPRO to the consequences of 9/11, and from the continued increase in the use of technologically advanced weaponry, psy-ops, and militarization of police and countries.

Dates Occasion Action Notes
Sept 1 – Oct 3 Keep Peace in Space Week [October 3-10, 2015] Send letters to Congress asking for Peace in Space and the end of space-based weaponry and non-consensual human experimentation Will provide template; add or delete information from template as needed; find Congress Members online and send by October 3.
Sept 6 – 13 Labor Day Post notices on Craigslist about hiring TIs or offering a warning to the community Place notices on Craigslist – template provided for community warning; place a notice that explains what organized stalking is and why people should hire TIs or not black-list them [to be developed]
Sept 11 9/11 Use slogan “Activists are not Terrorists”

Contact Congress Members by phone or email asking them to preserve the first amendment

Remember the 1st Amendment – freedom of speech, freedom of the press, & freedom to protest

Will provide articles demonstrating freedoms must be balanced with national security

Protest against treating TIs like terrorists

Protest the media for ignoring our pleas

Show support for activists

Support country; protesting is patriotic

Sept 14-16 Navy Yard Shooting memorial on 9/16 Call or send letters to Congress letting them know Aaron Alexis, the Navy Yard shooter, was a TI. Slogan “No more TIs, no more AAs” or “No more targets, no more Aarons”

Attend Navy Yard peaceful presence with Tyrone Dew on 9/16

Will provide a template for letters

Contact Tyrone Dew for information on going to the Navy Yard (DC) on 9/16

Sept 20-27 Non-violence Week 9/22- Walk from Congress to the White House for non-violence [see:]

9/25 – Pizza 2 Police

Send a pizza to your local police department and tell them it’s from a local Targeted Individual

Come to DC for a protest

Order and have delivered a pizza to a police department on Friday 9/25 to provide an olive branch during non-violence week. Make sure they know it is from a Targeted Individual. We need the police as much as anybody else and this positive step can potentially result in compassion for our issues.

Post WARNINGS on Craigslist for free

I have a few posts on Craigslist – one is for looking for Targeted Individuals (TIs) in the DC area, where I live. Another, is a warning (see below)- I put this in the news section, under Community.

It’s free to post on Craigslist — please consider posting a similar message or printing this as a flyer (feel free to copy my text below)…


Beware of Organized Stalking

Beware of an organized stalking network in the DC metro region. It is across the US and in various countries, too. *Organized stalking (defined below) is also known as gang stalking, revenge stalking, community-based harassment, etc. This crime involves ***ordinary citizens*** not necessarily street thugs.

Please DO NOT participate — it may seem fun, easy, painless, etc. You may be offered money or asked by somebody in an authority position (rogue or corrupt cop). If you participate, you will be playing a role in a horrific crime called organized stalking. Stalking, harassing, and surveilling an individual is a CRIME. Please do not participate. Not only is it illegal, it is immoral and unethical. Many targets of organized stalking end up committing suicide (bullycide) and some have actually killed their tormentors. IT IS NOT WORTH IT.

People use organized stalking methods on whistle blowers, activists, exes, etc. and often use it for revenge or as an abuse of power to make the target leave a job, home, condo, etc.

This type of behavior leads to distrust and abuse. It happened in the witch hunts, in the Holocaust, in East Germany, etc.

*organized stalking

A system of organized psychological terror tactics used against a person who has become an enemy of an individual or a government. Subtle but effective techniques of stalking by multiple individuals and psychological intimidation and manipulation are used to slowly but surely drive the target to make complaints to authorities who will see the complaints as bogus because of the methods used against the target. As a result, the target gets labeled as mentally ill.

There are as many stalking tactics as there are targets as the multistalkers will tailor the stalking to the individuals habits and individual personality. Some common examples or organized stalking are: following the target on foot,
by car and public transportation,
crowding the target’s space in a public place,
murmuring insults under the breath so only the target can hear,
sitting in the car outside the target’s residence,
starting “fights” in public with the target,
doing “skits” on the street which involves information only the target should know but has been found out via surveillance of the target,
stealing and vandalism of the target’s possessions.

Letter to the Senate Intelligence Committee

Please feel free to use portions of this letter to write to the Senate Intelligence Committee. If we get enough people, perhaps we can get them to investigate this, like they did in 1975. And, btw, I will help write or edit material for TIs for “dana” (donation). Thank you!

Senate Intelligence Committee

211 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senate Intelligence Committee:

I am a registered voter with the Democrat Party and live in XXX, MD. I had the privilege of attending the Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing today with FBI Director James Comey (Counter-terrorism, Counterintelligence, and the Challenges of “Going Dark”). Thank you for providing public access to this important hearing.

In preparation for attending the hearing, I gave a cursory look at the FBI’s tactics for handling encryption. I found information on The Intercept ( indicating “The DEA, FBI and Army bought Hacking Team’s software through a company called Cicom, which for several years served as a middleman for Hacking Team’s US business.” In fact, the article (Leaked Documents Show FBI, DEA and US Army Buying Italian Spyware) states this software allows users to “take remote control of suspects’ computers, recording their calls, emails, keystrokes and even activating their cameras.” In addition, this information was printed in Politico (July 7, 2015) and, according to their article, it also appeared in Wired. Politico refers to the software as thwarting “encryption by infecting devices so it can monitor communications before they’re encrypted or after they’re decrypted.” The article refers to this software as a potential backup to another system the FBI uses (

In light of Director Comey’s humble insistence that he does not possess any solutions and he believes Silicon Valley could provide innovative ideas, I am bewildered at the contrast between the media and the hearing, both in terms of the quality and quantity of content.

In fact, I was sorely disappointed I did not learn more from today’s hearing. I attended for personal reasons and was looking to attain a fuller understanding of my situation. Briefly, I worked at a federal contractor, experienced mobbing (adult bullying), and was forced out. I recreated my life only to have it all unravel again. Last year, I started to experience mobbing again as well as organized stalking, which involves stalking, harassment, and surveillance. To my surprise, I learned the FBI used these tactics in Cointelpro, which this committee investigated in 1975. Back then, the FBI targeted civil rights activists, war protesters, and various other law-abiding and non-violent citizens.

Apparently, yesterday’s “communists” are today’s “terrorists.” Many (including thousands of Targeted Individuals like myself and another woman present at the hearing today) share this sentiment. Recently (June 30, 2015), Truth Out printed an article titled Protest is the New Terror: How US Law Enforcement is Working to Criminalize Dissent. The author states, “…the FBI, working with local police have directed their resources as much against protesters, dissenters and those practicing and [sic] civil disobedience as they have against the threat represented by terrorists, whether homegrown “lone wolves” or organized outside groups.”

In my own situation, one of my co-workers said to me, “This is what you get when you mess with the police.” One week later, in August of 2014, I noted an abnormal police presence wherever I went. It continues to this day, along with the stalking, harassment, and other forms of surveillance. Surely, a whistle blower and activist like me – a middle-aged, law-abiding, tax-paying breast cancer survivor who served in the Peace Corps and has written about health and human rights – does not warrant neither the resources nor the punishment inflicted. I would like to remind this committee of the words from the original investigation of Cointelpro:

We have examined the collection of intelligence about the political advocacy and actions and the private lives of American citizens. That information has been used covertly to discredit the ideas advocated and to “neutralize” the actions of their proponents. As Attorney General Harlan Fiske Stone warned in 1924, when he sought to keep federal agencies from investigating “political or other opinions” as opposed to “conduct . . . forbidden by the laws”:

When a police system passes beyond these limits, it is dangerous to the proper administration of justice and to human liberty, which it should be our first concern to cherish.

. . . There is always a possibility that a secret police may become a menace to free government and free institutions because it carries with it the possibility of abuses of power which are not always quickly apprehended or understood. 7

Our investigation has confirmed that warning. We have seen segments of our Government, in their attitudes and action, adopt tactics unworthy of a democracy, and occasionally reminiscent of the tactics of totalitarian regimes. We have seen a consistent pattern in which programs initiated with limited goals, such as preventing criminal violence or identifying foreign spies, were expanded to what witnesses characterized as “vacuum cleaners”,” sweeping in information about lawful activities of American citizens.

The tendency of intelligence activities to expand beyond their initial scope is a theme which runs through every aspect of our investigative findings. Intelligence collection programs naturally generate ever-increasing demands for new data. And once intelligence has been collected, there are strong pressures to use it against the target.

Thank you again for the public hearing. I do hope you will consider my story and know that there are thousands out there going through very similar circumstances. Please protect our rights in concert with protecting the security of the nation and preserving the democracy our forefathers and mothers created so that we may live in freedom.

Draft Copy of a fact sheet on organized stalking / gang stalking

Please leave comments! This is in draft stage – I will be adding references to it. Thanks!

What is organized stalking?

Organized stalking refers to a coordinated effort to stalk, harass, and surveil an individual. Hundreds of individuals, composed of people the targeted individual (TI) comes into contact with, whether routinely (friends and family) or occasionally (places the target frequents or visits), participate in organized stalking. Authority figures may also rely on parolees or snitches. The TI is under surveillance so that participants know where to find him or her at all times. Once encountered, participants may:

  • Mirror or parrot the TI
  • Attempt to annoy the TI
  • Follow the TI
  • Say something that would make the TI believe the person had been listening to their private conversations (directed conversation)
  •  Perform street theater/skits
  • Make loud noises
  • Use trigger words (anchoring)
  • Make abusive phone calls
  • Tail or cut off their vehicle on the road
  • Vandalize the home

Many TIs believe organized stalking is a covert FBI program similar to one called Cointelpro (1956-1971) that used similar methods referred to as gang stalking or ‘dirty tactics.’

How is organized stalking accomplished?

Organized stalking is managed by ‘handlers,’ who then coordinate a very wide network of stalkers. Most communication is by cell phone. In order to get individuals to participate, the handlers use positions of authority, threats, and/or lies and slander to paint the TI as a pedophile, maniac, or violent person.

Who is targeted in organized stalking?

Anyone can be targeted, but many whistle blowers, activists, and lawyers (National Lawyers Guild) have been victimized. Women, minorities, and patients (mental and physical health) are also more vulnerable.

Stalkers are often members of civic groups, religious institutions, or neighborhood watch programs.

Where does organized stalking happen?

Organized stalking can happen anywhere people go: retail stores, coffee shops, gas stations, gyms, parks, doctor offices, condo buildings, etc. It occurs worldwide.

When does organized stalking occur?

Organized stalking is 24/7 and can last for years, even decades.

Aren’t targeted individuals paranoid schizophrenic or conspiracy theorists?

It is possible some TIs have a mental illness; however, there is a difference between mental illness and hypervigilance. One illness, schizophrenia is typically diagnosed between the ages of 16-30 and is rare after 45. Also, it simply is not possible for thousands of individuals to have the same or similar delusions.

What can I do to help?

First, do not participate in organized stalking. Second, call your elected officials, and ask them to oppose non-consensual human experimentation, torture (“no touch torture”), and surveillance without a warrant. Third, ask Congress Members to investigate organized stalking and its potential link to intelligence agencies.

Where can I get more information?

Many TIs have blogs to read, but a disinformation campaign makes it difficult to determine fact from fiction. YouTube videos and books are other sources. While stalking centers do not yet have information, bullying organizations may.

Letters on behalf of TI James Walbert

Here is a letter from Congress Member James Guest on behalf of James Walbert of Kansas. It includes documentation from the Private Investigator’s office and the restraining order Mr. Walbert was successful in attaining.

Source: CANR Nonconsensual

Reference 2:
James Walbert, Kansas: Letters from Representative James O. Guest, Letters from P.I. William Bradford Taylor and Restraining Order granted by a Kansas Judge on Behalf of James Walbert Letters.

08DM864 COPY

The Great Seal of the State of Missouri


P.O. Box 412
King City, MO 64463

Tele: 660-535-6664

To Whom It May Concern:

I have worked for 3 years with Microwave and Electronic Harassment victims throughout the U.S. and overseas. It is hard for others to understand the technology that is being used to destroy people’s lives. I know James because he contacted me for help. James has worked to find proof of what has happened to him.

Many victims try hard to get help from professional doctors to help find devices such as Veri-Chip. I would request that you and those that can make a difference would help James and others to find answers.

Jim Guest
5th District State Representative

cc: re-entered text from original.

The William J. Taylor Agency Investigations
CT State License
FL State License
Security Counseling

November 21, 2008

To whom it may concern,

The undersigned is a licensed Private Investigator, licensed in the state of Florida and the state of Connecticut. The undersigned is not an expert in electronics nor an electrical engineer certified to conduct these issues. The undersigned has however been successfully locating and identifying electronic devices that are designed to eavesdrop in individuals and harass for numerous known and unknown reasons for over forty years. References are available on request.

On or about 1500 on January 6, 2008, the undersigned met with and interviewed Mr. James Walbert of Wichita, Kansas. Mr. Walbert related to the undersigned that he believed he had been subjected to various forms of electronic surveillance and electronic harassment by persons known or unknown to him, for reasons known or unknown to him. (I shall not violate Mr. Walbert’s confidence by memorializing his suspicions in this report as Mr. Walbert is involved in a legal matter relating to this harassment.)

During the course of the afternoon of the 6th of January 2008, the undersigned tested Mr. Walbert’s person for radiation using a JM-20PRO, 1MHz – 3GHz. Portable R.F. Detector and a JM-20F RF Finder Bar Graph Display RF Frequency Detector.

The undersigned found that the JM-20PRO detected a low signal coming from Mr. Walbert’s right upper back area of his person. Upon scanning Mr. Walbert with the JM-20F the undersigned found a low bandwidth signal of a fairly steady 288MHz. (A background signal of the area was 800 to 900 MHz.)

It is also worthy of mention that while viewing Mr. Walbert through a Bushnell 26 4202G Night Vision Infrared Viewer there was a very definite visual distortion of light on Mr. Walbert’s back area.

These tests and results were witnessed by a credible third party with the permission of Mr. Walbert.


William Johnstone Taylor, LPI

Post Office Box 878
DeLand, FL 43721-0878
Phone (386) 738-2233
Fax (386) 822-9876


James’ Walbert’s Restraining Order

Filed Dec. 30, 2008
Clerk of District Court 18th Judicial District

Sedgewick County
05 DM 8647

James Walbert, Plaintiff, v. Jerimiah Redford, Defendant
. . .
Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On this date, Tuesday, December 30, 2008 , plaintiff’s petition for protective orders comes for consideration under the provisions of K.S.A. 60-31a01, et seq.

WHEREAS, the plaintiff filed a verified petition for issuance of protective orders, and the cause has been heard after duly serving and notifying the defendant and the plaintiff has proved the allegations of the abuse by the preponderance of the evidence;. . . WHEREUPON the Court adopts the agreement of the parties as to the order of Court as set forth below:


  1. This final order of protection supersedes any temporary order previously entered by the Court and serves as notice of termination thereof.
  2. The defendant shall not follow, harass, telephone, contact or otherwise communicate with victim.
  3. The defendant shall not abuse, molest, or interfere with the privacy rights of the victim, wherever the victim might be.
  4. The defendant shall not enter upon or in the victim’s residence or the immediate vicinity thereof.
  5. Defendant shall pay costs.

(End of Document)