Illusion of Justice – 2014 report

I found this report recently – it’s from 2014. It discusses the role the FBI and local law enforcement have played in terrorist-related crimes.

I have been under some type of surveillance by the police – I call them the FAUX-lice because ***real cops*** don’t behave this way.

Here’s a quote, and the source is below.

Indeed, in some cases the Federal Bureau of Investigation may have created terrorists out of law-abiding individuals by conducting sting operations that facilitated or invented the target’s willingness to act. According to multiple studies, nearly 50 percent of the more than 500 federal counterterrorism convictions resulted from informant-based cases; almost 30 percent of those cases were sting operations in which the informant played an active role in the underlying plot. In the case of the “Newburgh Four,” for example, a judge said the government “came up with the crime, provided the means, and removed all relevant obstacles,” and had, in the process, made a terrorist out of a man “whose buffoonery is positively Shakespearean in scope.”

Illusion of Justice July 21, 2014


Police Officer asks Yahoo Answers how many miles to follow a Targeted Individual !!!

This says it all….How can you be “lawful” when you are stalking and harassing somebody!!!!

Source: Yahoo Answers

How many miles do you follow a targeted individual?

I just want to be doing this by the books and be lawful about this. My team leader says we can follow a targeted individual for as many as five to ten miles. Is this accuarate? If not, please let me know. thanks!
Update: oops I meant accurate. sorry, I’m in heavy traffic.
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Chicago pays reparations for police torture

City Council Approves $5.5M Burge Torture Reparations Deal

CHICAGO (CBS) — Aldermen have approved a deal to provide $5.5 million in reparations to police torture victims, a step Mayor Rahm Emanuel said was an “essential step in righting a wrong.”

“This stain cannot be removed from our city’s history but it can be used as a lesson of what not to do,” Emanuel said at Wednesday’s City Council meeting.

The council voted 42-0 in favor of the reparations package, which includes a $5.5 million fund to pay restitution of up to $100,000 each to people with credible claims of torture by Burge and his detectives. The package also includes a number of services for torture victims and their families – including free job training and tuition at the City Colleges of Chicago; and psychological, family, substance abuse, and other counseling.

An independent arbitrator would make the final decision on all disputed torture claims. Only victims that have not received a previous settlement from the city will receive reparations from the fund.

Ald. Proco Joe Moreno (1st) said it’s the least the city can do for torture victims.

“They may have suffered physically years ago, but mentally – and physically, quite frankly – they still suffer today, and this council’s moving forward to try to do what we can to assist these men,” he said.

24/7 monitoring and GPS tracking is illegal in the United States

According to this Washington Post article from 2011, it is perfectly legal for the government / police to monitor an individual 24/7 when they are outside their home. And, it’s perfectly legal to place a GPS on a car for 28 days.

Supreme Court worries that new technology creates ‘1984’ scenarios

Police abuse & “other causes”

I attended a Police Violence Abuse protest a few weeks ago in Washington, DC. I attended for two reasons. For one, I have long known that minorities were policed more heavily, pulled over more often, followed with suspicious eyes in stores more frequently, and imprisoned and killed far more commonly than whites. I understood this to be due to racism. But, recently, I have witnessed another side of police abuse – use of police intimidation for a person’s personal vendetta. So, I attended the rally for a selfish reason, too – because the police are being used to intimidate me. I have been documenting their presence and believe most would agree with me that I am seeing an abnormal amount of cops in my daily routines, particularly by my gym, when I attended a flute class on a regular basis, and when I make trips to visit my out of state relatives.   Here’s the article that mentions others are speaking up about their causes – New York protests against police violence attract other causes, too

The article talks about the police turning their backs on the mayor. I think this is a bit ironic seeing that the police are turning their backs on the public. I’m not saying it’s all police officers, but there are bad apples on the force and we need some systemic change – particularly when it comes to police abuse and misuse with law-abiding, peaceful (and unarmed) citizens.