The antidote for psy-ops

This experience has been like peeling an onion – first, I believed I was experiencing direct retaliation from my former bosses, then I believed I was in some Cointelpro-style program, and now I can see that it is military psy-ops and non-consensual human experimentation. I do still believe I was selected to be targeted by my former bosses (who have connections with emergency responders and law enforcement). Apparently, TIs are targeted due to being a whistle blower, activist, outspoken, minority, female, unknown and just getting on someone’s s-list. We get selected – we don’t sign up for this. Then, they discredit us. Next, they remove our support systems. Results – we are all theirs to experiment on.

Anyways, since getting to this “layer,” I figure the antidote to psy-ops was surely on the Internet — It is. Here is one source. To find more, Google “psy ops survival” or “psychological warfare survival” — anything along those lines are going to lead you to resources on how to survive this. Hurry because they might be wiped clean.

Mental preparation


Post WARNINGS on Craigslist for free

I have a few posts on Craigslist – one is for looking for Targeted Individuals (TIs) in the DC area, where I live. Another, is a warning (see below)- I put this in the news section, under Community.

It’s free to post on Craigslist — please consider posting a similar message or printing this as a flyer (feel free to copy my text below)…


Beware of Organized Stalking

Beware of an organized stalking network in the DC metro region. It is across the US and in various countries, too. *Organized stalking (defined below) is also known as gang stalking, revenge stalking, community-based harassment, etc. This crime involves ***ordinary citizens*** not necessarily street thugs.

Please DO NOT participate — it may seem fun, easy, painless, etc. You may be offered money or asked by somebody in an authority position (rogue or corrupt cop). If you participate, you will be playing a role in a horrific crime called organized stalking. Stalking, harassing, and surveilling an individual is a CRIME. Please do not participate. Not only is it illegal, it is immoral and unethical. Many targets of organized stalking end up committing suicide (bullycide) and some have actually killed their tormentors. IT IS NOT WORTH IT.

People use organized stalking methods on whistle blowers, activists, exes, etc. and often use it for revenge or as an abuse of power to make the target leave a job, home, condo, etc.

This type of behavior leads to distrust and abuse. It happened in the witch hunts, in the Holocaust, in East Germany, etc.

*organized stalking

A system of organized psychological terror tactics used against a person who has become an enemy of an individual or a government. Subtle but effective techniques of stalking by multiple individuals and psychological intimidation and manipulation are used to slowly but surely drive the target to make complaints to authorities who will see the complaints as bogus because of the methods used against the target. As a result, the target gets labeled as mentally ill.

There are as many stalking tactics as there are targets as the multistalkers will tailor the stalking to the individuals habits and individual personality. Some common examples or organized stalking are: following the target on foot,
by car and public transportation,
crowding the target’s space in a public place,
murmuring insults under the breath so only the target can hear,
sitting in the car outside the target’s residence,
starting “fights” in public with the target,
doing “skits” on the street which involves information only the target should know but has been found out via surveillance of the target,
stealing and vandalism of the target’s possessions.

Email the NSA can’t access

I read this article on Forbes – The only email system the NSA can’t access

The email is called ProtonMail. It’s not ready yet, but you can sign up for it – I did. Here’s how they keep email secure:

“We encrypt the data on the browser before it comes to the server,” he explains. “By the time the data comes to the server it’s already encrypted, so if someone comes to us and says we’d like to read the emails of this person, all we can say is we have the encrypted data but we’re sorry we don’t have the encryption key and we can’t give you the encryption key.”

“We’ve basically separated the message that’s encrypted apart from the key – all the encryption takes place on your computer instead of our servers, so there’s no way for us to see the original message.”

Police sirens? Shake it off!

Okay, so if you’re a TI, you may be hearing police or fire truck sirens quite often. Over time, it can be unsettling.

Here’s one idea that might work. Buy an inexpensive maraca or other type of music shaker. They sell them cheaply on eBay. Now, when you hear a police siren, shake the maraca! Make it fun – get into it! Voila – in time, when you hear sirens, you’ll have a much more pleasant association.

I keep a tall cylindrical shaker on my desk, so when I hear sirens, it’s within reach. Sometimes I get up and dance, or I go bang on my drum. In my car, I keep an egg shaker – they’re shaped like an egg. Every time I hear sirens in my car, I shake it off. Give it a go!

10 Tips for Activism

1. Write letters to the editor. Most newspapers are online and will have information about how to submit one. In general, they are under 200 words (most Word programs have word counts) and tend to request something – a change in opinion or policy, etc. We can ask for the Patriot Act to end, a Congressional investigation into the FBIs Cointel program, provide info on Fusion Centers, etc.
2. If you can, write an op-ed. They are a harder to publish, but it’s possible. There are a few online places where anybody can submit an op-ed, like American Chronicle.
3. Call all the Suicide Prevention hotlines and crisis centers and make sure they know about TIs. Print a one-page fact sheet (cut & paste information or write it from scratch).
4. Call all the mental health centers and associations (APA, NAMI), etc. and provide them with information on organized stalking and the difference between paranoia and hyper-vigilance –
5.Call all of the human rights organizations and tell them about organized stalking.
6. Contact ALL your elected officials and tell them about organized stalking and what they could do (if on a state level, pass legislation like what Michigan has or the State Surveillance Repeal Act) (if on a federal level – Congress – tell them to end the Patriot Act and investigate the FBI).
7. Contact those from the previous Cointelpro – the group that broke into the FBI office – and seek their help and advice.
8. Contact the media – TV, radio, newspapers, etc. – and ask them to write about this. Offer to be interviewed or to refer them to those who can be interviewed (Tyrone Dew most likely – I don’t know of others yet).
9. Blog about this and link to blogs. Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
10. Hold educational events – talk to schools, classrooms, civic organizations, have a table at the mall, etc. about organized stalking. Create flyers, fact sheets, etc.

Anchoring 101

Here’s a great resource on anchoring:

How to change your emotions

A classic example of an anchor is Ivan Pavlov’s dogs. Every time Pavlov fed his dogs, he rang a bell. When Pavlov had done this a few times, he only needed to ring the bell, without feeding the dogs, and the dogs started to think about food and salivate. This is an anchor.

Here’s what the torturers do-

The stronger and more intense the emotion is, the more powerful the anchor becomes. The more times you repeat the anchor, the more you amplify the anchor. The more powerful it is, the more emotions you get when it is triggered.

Here’s what you should do when they try to anchor a negative emotion – collapse it!

Yes, you can indeed. This is called to collapse an anchor. The process is simple. Trigger both a positive and negative anchor at the same time, and they will eliminate each other. Both anchors are weakened.

For me, I interpret this as anchoring a positive emotion to their trigger word or sound taking the power away from them.

Remember you have control over your body, emotions, spirit, soul – don’t give them any of this power. Keep it to yourself. Put walls up to protect yourself. You have more power than you know!

Collapsing anchors

Okay, here’s a follow up post on anchoring. There is a whole book devoted to the subject!

Here is the link – it does contain text to read

I also wanted to share a positive experience I had with this. I was in a relaxation class and the teacher told us whenever we felt super relaxed to pinch the skin between the thumb and index finger of the left hand (non-dominant hand). I didn’t practice this at the time, but I’m going to look into it again!