Organized stalking, the reincarnate of COINTELPRO

Here’s a lawyer who understands the connection between today’s organized stalking (community-based harassment) behavior and yesteryear’s COINTELPRO program.

I like to refer to it as COINTEL-Hell.

The Surreptitious Reincarnation of COINTELPRO with the COPS Gang-Stalking Program

These are the reasons Mr. Manchanda offers for people to become targeted:

Targets can be chosen for many reasons: (1) political views; (2) whistle blowing; (3) political dissidence; (4) asserting rights at work; (5) making the wrong enemy; (6) too outspoken; (7) investigating something that the state does not want investigated; (8) signing a petition; (9) writing a letter; (10) being “suspicious” by a civilian spy/snitch; or (11) being a religious/ethnic/racial minority.

Here are some reasons to explain why people participate in the Stasi-like behavior:

(1) gives them a sense of power; (2) is a way to make friends; (3) is something social and fun; (4) breaks down race/gender/age/social barriers; (5) is forced or blackmailed upon them by the State or police to take part; (6) is told to them that they are part of “homeland or national security” to help keep an eye on “dangerous” or “emotionally disturbed” individuals where they are “heroic spies for the state;” (7) is used on local thugs or informants who are already being used for other activities where their energies are diverted into these COPS gangstalking community spy programs; (8) is either a choice of spying for the State or police, or else go to jail; (9) involves outright lies and slander about the target to get them to go along with ruining the targets life; (10) includes average citizens recruited by the state the same way citizens were recruited in the former East Germany and other countries.

I have outright called participants “Stasis.” Then, I wonder if they even know what the word means. Do they have any idea they are participating in a program that is intended to neutralize and eliminate us? I think about this a lot. It also makes me think, in despair:

Humans, Humans everywhere….and not a drop of humanity to be found.

I ask: is there ANYONE with a brain? to think about what they are participating in.

A heart? to feel some empathy.

A gut that will tell them this program is wrong…is, in fact, evil???

I believe if we keep relating this experience to the E German Stasi program, something might click…one day.

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always.”
Mahatma Gandhi

In matters of conscience, the law of the majority has no place. — Mahatma Gandhi







Whistle blower, whistle blower

I penned 8 poems this summer, which would bring my lifetime total to, ummm, maybe 10? It really felt great to express my feelings in this manner – and I plan to write more. Here is one dedicated to all the truth tellers out there, with the sincerest desire for the War on Whistle blowers to end quickly and peacefully.

Whistle blower, whistle blower out on a limb
They promised you safety,
didn’t teach you how to swim.
Now the sharks are circling,
waiting for you to fall in.
Perched high upon your branch,
you never stood a chance.
The apathetic mob below,
neither friend nor foe
only those seeking amusement or the promise of security
at the cost of your happiness and pursuit of liberty. 

Whistle blower, whistle blower out on a limb
A strong wind is coming in
to deliver you to Him
or put you away forever and a day.
They’ll jail you or assail you,
take you to the funny farm or let you inflict self-harm.
Since suicide is the goal.
Easy, once it swallows you whole.
To escape the pain and insanity,
professional hypocrites sent your way.

Whistle blower, whistle blower out on a limb
You’re barely noticeable, you’re a beacon that’s dim.
Nobody stops to assist you.
They only pause to inflict you,
with a poison of an epidemic of apathy or polemic.







BORDC/DD Activism: Turn up the heat on Congress

We’re running out of time for making visits to our elected officials in August – when Congress Members are in their home state – but you can also plan to meet your officials in Washington, DC or call them by phone. Here is Defending Dissent’s activism plan…

Tun up the heat on Congress!

Our campaign to Investigate the FBI is gaining steam– but we need your help to make Congress feel the heat this summer. 

Members of Congress will be in their home districts in August, so it’s a great opportunity to meet with them face to face to demand an end to FBI political spying and a full investigation into FBI abuses of its counterterrorism authorities.

How can they afford to stalk and harass victims? Maybe this will help…

When a victim-survivor talks of their experience of stalking & harassment, many people wonder, “How on earth would it be possible to finance such an operation?” Well, um, maybe this little report will help…apparently, the military cannot account for $6.5 TRILLION.

Army General Fund Adjustments Not Adequately Documented or Supported

We’re talking trillions of dollars, here, folks. This money could be used to help feed families, provide shelter to those who’ve lost their homes, and a host of many other beneficial activities.