Study finds 1 in 3 people have a microchip implanted, most likely in their tooth fillings

UPDATE – I have heard that this is a fraudulent study. I would like to call the institute and if I find more information, I will post it. For now, I’ll just leave this here so those of you who happen upon the study will know that it is potentially untrue. Thanks.

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Targeted Individuals have long claimed to have been forcibly implanted with an RFID chip. One TI told me to get the 16-digit identification number. Great, but how would I go about doing that?? If (when) I find out, I will share it here. It certainly explains how folks know what I’m doing – to the second – on a 24/7 basis. (How does my neighbor know when to leave the same time I do? How do they plan the directed conversations? How do police cross my path at such strategic points?). So many questions…and little by little, the answers will come. I don’t know how long it will take or if I will ever find out the answers. Evil has always been a mystery to me…this is by far the most evil I’ve personally witnessed. You would think after reading about atrocities, society would have learned from them, not learned to reinvent them.

Analysis of RFID chip prevalence in 3 discrete US populations


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Chips have been used extensively in wildlife ecology and conservation to identify and track individual specimens in a population. It has been unknown, however, how often RFID chips have been implanted in human populations for the tracking and identification of individuals. This study analyzed the prevalence of RFID Chips in 3 geographically discrete populations and found that, on average, 1 in 3 individuals carried an RFID Chip. Interestingly, there was a strong correlation with RFID Chip presence and previous dental work. – See more at:

and –

Population Midwest (MW) contained 958 individuals from Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Population Northeast (NE) contained 987 individuals from Maine, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. Population South West (SW) contained 1,010 individuals from Arizona and Nevada. Volunteers were recruited using standard methods and compensated in a manner consistent with industry standards. All test subjects were treated in compliance with institutional codes of ethics and standards. – See more at:



Our work has shown that approximately 1 in 3 individuals in the United States is carrying an RFID microchip. Our sample size was sufficiently large (n=2955) and was spread throughout three distinct geographic regions. Thus, we are comfortable extrapolating our finding to the broader American population.

Intriguingly, the most frequently identified location for an RFID microchip was in tooth fillings. This is contrary to popularly held belief that RFID chips are inserted in the dorsal of the hand near the thumb. More investigation is required to understand the significance of this finding. – See more at:

There is no doubt collusion exists if “ethical” reports mention the exception to law enforcement…



U.S. states that have banned forced RFID tagging

This is not new news, but since many TIs talk about forced microchipping, this might be interesting. Of course, just because there are laws, doesn’t mean they are enforced. Also, notice how very telling it was that the RFID industry did not back this bill.

California bans forced RFID tagging of humans (Oct. 17, 2007)

RFID “tags” are tiny chips with miniature antennae that can be embedded in almost anything. Using radio waves, RFID can help identify and track objects, animals, or people. Devices known as “readers” access the information on the tags.

“RFID technology is not in and of itself the issue. RFID is a minor miracle, with all sorts of good uses,” said Simitian. “But we cannot and should not condone forced ‘tagging’ of humans. It’s the ultimate invasion of privacy.”Despite wide-ranging support, the RFID industry declined to support SB 362. Simitian described the RFID industry’s silence on the issue as “unfortunate and regrettable.” He noted that, “While we’re having a robust debate about the privacy concerns associated with the use of RFID in government identity documents, at the very least, we should be able to agree that the forced implanting of under-the-skin technology into human beings is just plain wrong. I’m deeply concerned that the folks who make and market RFID technology were ‘AWOL’ on this issue.

Here is a more updated article – February 2015

Several US states prohibit the mandatory implantation of RFID microchips

While there are no reports in the United States of forced RFID chip programs, there are laws in the United States that prohibit the mandatory implantation of such devices.  Several states–including California, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin–prohibit the mandatory implantation of an RFID microchip by employers and others.  These laws subject the offenders to criminal charges or fines.

Here is the information for the author Catherine T. Barbieri – – she is an employment lawyer.

US-sponsored human experimentation in mainstream media

Here’s an article from France on US-sponsored human experimentation. It appears to be on the tails of a French documentary. It goes through some history. The documentary is available in the French language.

US-sponsored human experimentation in mainstream and mind control increasingly in mainstream media

The difficulty in writing this article consisted in reading articles and watching clips on unbelievably sadistic and unethical human behavior. It is hard for me to imagine crimes more nightmarish than the ones exposed above. The good news is that finding the information was relatively simple. It is encouraging that mainstream TV programs are increasingly taking an interest in looking at the research and bringing it to a public audience. How are we to demand justice and prevent future horrors if we do not even know they exist?

PLEASE leave a comment and note that you are a targeted individual or simply a citizen concerned about psy-ops (gang stalking or organized stalking) and non-consensual human experimentation.

Some potential allies…

Here are a few potential allies we can contact. I have not reached out to them yet…

Secure World Foundation

Our Mission

SWF works with governments, industry, international organizations and civil society to develop and promote ideas and actions for international collaboration that achieve the secure, sustainable, and peaceful uses of outer space.

Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

The arms race is moving into space. The U.S. Space Command, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has publicly stated that it intends “to control space in order to protect U.S. interests and investments.” It is crucial that the movement to stop this new round in the arms race moves quickly ahead.

During the Persian Gulf War the U.S. became convinced that whoever controls space will be able to project force “in space, from space and into space”. The Pentagon believes that future military success will depend on space capabilities.

Reaching Critical Will

WILPF created Reaching Critical Will in 1999 in order to promote and facilitate engagement of non-governmental actors in UN processes related to disarmament. RCW was designed to increase the quality and quantity of civil society preparation and participation in UN disarmament processes and of NGO interaction with governments and the United Nations; to provide timely and accurate reporting on all relevant conferences and initiatives so that those unable to attend can stay informed, and to maintain a comprehensive online archive of all statements, resolutions, and other primary documents on disarmament. RCW also produces research studies, reports, statements, fact sheets, and other publications on key issues relevant to disarmament, arms control, and militarism.

Pax Christi International

Pax Christi International expressed deep concern about the scandal of excessive military spending in a world where human and ecological well-being are in dire need of investment. Read Pax Christi’s analysis of the SIPRI figures entitled World Military Expenditure 2014 – Military investment is still a significant global problem.

Global Campaign on Military Spending

Like many peace campaigns, GCOMS is an ambitious undertaking. To succeed in challenging the established spending priorities of governments we need to join forces with many other sectors of civil society, especially those who would be the natural beneficiaries of such a shift.

End covert electronic harassment

Here’s a petition to sign – it goes to Senator Rand Paul…

End covert electronic weapons

Senator Rand Paul:
President Obama and Congress can not continue to be blind to the injustices of covert electronic harassment and torture (using military grade weaponry) on millions of non-consensual, law abiding citizens inside the privacy of their home! Because you lead the heroic effort to dismantle parts of the Patriot Act, we are kindly asking you to take the lead once more to prohibit and investigate the barbaric act of Electronic Harassment by means of Executive Order or Legislation.

There are currently 159 signatures. NEW goal – We need 200 signatures

The Navy’s unapologetic yet deadly noise campaign

I tried to pull out the best quotes…

Sounds of War: Navy Warplanes Producing Deadly Noise Around US Bases Monday, 27 July 2015 00:00
Written by 
Dahr Jamail By Dahr Jamail, Truthout | Report

“This is a public health emergency that is literally killing people.”

This stark, shocking warning about the US Navy’s war-gaming in the Pacific Northwest comes from Dr. James Dahlgren, a doctor of occupational and environmental medicine who is also a diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine.

He spoke with Truthout about how Navy warplanes flying in and out of Naval Air Station (NAS) Whidbey Island, as well as the Navy’s OLF [Outlying Field] Coupeville in Washington State’s Puget Sound, are generating chronic exposure to noise levels well in excess of 80 decibels.


The human health impacts from these levels of chronic jet noise include hearing loss, immune toxicity, insomnia, stroke, heart attacks and even death.


“Can the military be allowed to willfully and irreparably injure citizens in order to conduct their training?”

This is why we are exposed to noise campaigns…

“The cardiovascular system is at risk,” he explained. “Noise excites a classic stress response, because historically humans and other mammals are hard-wired to respond to noise as danger. So when loud noise occurs, the stress response causes an increase in blood pressure and heart rate and alertness. It is a basic biological reflex. So if I were to put a blood pressure cuff on you and expose you to those noises, your blood pressure would go up.”


He also cited a study titled, “Acoustic Noise as a Non-Lethal Weapon,” which discusses the damaging effects of noise-weapons that have been used by the military and police and said that it is important to note that the French government did studies using 140 decibels of sound as “a weapon to kill people.”

We’ve been aware of this, but to most citizens this will be a real shocker!

“We’ve had no dialogue with the Navy,” Pickard told Truthout. In fact, he said, he has been unable to get any response from the Navy whatsoever.

“Last year, some of our members went to DC and met with the deputy director of Environmental Health at the Pentagon, and we presented our health info, which we thought would be of great interest, but they already knew it all,” he said. “They knew what this does to people. They basically thanked us for coming and sent us on our way. They’d done the research; most of our information comes from them, but they just don’t care.”


Nevertheless, the military uses “national security” as the primary excuse for remaining exempt from the laws and regulations that apply to everyone else.

“The military can usurp these [regulations], and they are torturing the citizens that they have been hired to protect,” Bowman said. “Noise is becoming an ever-increasing issue. I see noise at these levels as toxic.”

Sound familiar?

“This has similarities with our situation. We know that the noise levels of the military supersonic jets cause harm to people. Yet they keep doing it, and we are damaged as a result of their training by something that can’t be seen but harms us in our own homes.