BORDC/DD Activism: Turn up the heat on Congress

We’re running out of time for making visits to our elected officials in August – when Congress Members are in their home state – but you can also plan to meet your officials in Washington, DC or call them by phone. Here is Defending Dissent’s activism plan…

Tun up the heat on Congress!

Our campaign to Investigate the FBI is gaining steam– but we need your help to make Congress feel the heat this summer. 

Members of Congress will be in their home districts in August, so it’s a great opportunity to meet with them face to face to demand an end to FBI political spying and a full investigation into FBI abuses of its counterterrorism authorities.


Humane Campaign August 19 – December 10, 2015 Schedule of activities for September

The Humane Campaign (asking humanity for humaneness) is a pilot program of 16 weeks of activism. It starts on August 19, 2015, which is World Humanitarian Day, and concludes on December 10, 2015, Human Rights Day. During this time Targeted Individuals and allies can participate in a wide variety of activism, either from home or by coming to Washington, DC. If you have any suggestions to add or any comments, please use the comment section below. Thank you.

Humane Campaign…A campaign asking humanity for humaneness

August 19 – December 10

16 Weeks of Activism

SEPTEMBERA September to Remember

This month is dedicated to remembrance of lives lost through violence from 9/11 to Aaron Alexis and the 12 lives he took. It is also a time to reflect on our history – from Operation Paperclip to non-consensual human experimentation, from COINTELPRO to the consequences of 9/11, and from the continued increase in the use of technologically advanced weaponry, psy-ops, and militarization of police and countries.

Dates Occasion Action Notes
Sept 1 – Oct 3 Keep Peace in Space Week [October 3-10, 2015] Send letters to Congress asking for Peace in Space and the end of space-based weaponry and non-consensual human experimentation Will provide template; add or delete information from template as needed; find Congress Members online and send by October 3.
Sept 6 – 13 Labor Day Post notices on Craigslist about hiring TIs or offering a warning to the community Place notices on Craigslist – template provided for community warning; place a notice that explains what organized stalking is and why people should hire TIs or not black-list them [to be developed]
Sept 11 9/11 Use slogan “Activists are not Terrorists”

Contact Congress Members by phone or email asking them to preserve the first amendment

Remember the 1st Amendment – freedom of speech, freedom of the press, & freedom to protest

Will provide articles demonstrating freedoms must be balanced with national security

Protest against treating TIs like terrorists

Protest the media for ignoring our pleas

Show support for activists

Support country; protesting is patriotic

Sept 14-16 Navy Yard Shooting memorial on 9/16 Call or send letters to Congress letting them know Aaron Alexis, the Navy Yard shooter, was a TI. Slogan “No more TIs, no more AAs” or “No more targets, no more Aarons”

Attend Navy Yard peaceful presence with Tyrone Dew on 9/16

Will provide a template for letters

Contact Tyrone Dew for information on going to the Navy Yard (DC) on 9/16

Sept 20-27 Non-violence Week 9/22- Walk from Congress to the White House for non-violence [see:]

9/25 – Pizza 2 Police

Send a pizza to your local police department and tell them it’s from a local Targeted Individual

Come to DC for a protest

Order and have delivered a pizza to a police department on Friday 9/25 to provide an olive branch during non-violence week. Make sure they know it is from a Targeted Individual. We need the police as much as anybody else and this positive step can potentially result in compassion for our issues.

June is Torture Awareness Month

I just learned June is Torture Awareness Month. June 26 is International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. Awareness days and months offer a time to raise awareness to the public about a cause. It’s a time to hold events, write letters to the editors, hold a march or vigil, etc. The media is often particularly interested in covering these events, too. June 1 – 7 is Stand up for Truth week – An International Week to Support Whistleblowing.

Democracy needs truth-telling. People in many countries will create Stand Up For Truth activities during the week of June 1-7, 2015 — to move toward a culture of openness and truth as well as security for those who take the risk of disclosing information that authorities want to keep hidden. Democracy is based on informed consent of the governed. This is not possible when crucial (and sometimes illegal) government policies remain hidden from the public. Whistleblowing is essential for bringing such policies into the light: exposing key information related to human rights violations, corporate malfeasance, the environment, civil liberties and war. We must stand up for a free press, individual privacy, governmental and corporate transparency, due process and rule of law as we seek to reveal official information that the public has a right to know. Persecution of whistleblowers and journalists is illegitimate and should be opposed as such. While undemocratic authority thrives on secrecy, we should bring whistleblowing to the forefront of public consciousness — in a process that widely encourages the release of documentation of governmental and corporate actions that cannot withstand the light of day. Please initiate Stand Up For Truth activities where you live. Initiating Organizations: ExposeFacts Freedom of the Press Foundation International Modern Media Institute Networkers SouthNorth

Can you think of a day, week, month, or number of days to bring awareness to TIs? I think November or December would be good. November 9 is World Freedom Day and December 10 is Human Rights Day. Actually, we could have it Nov 9 – Dec 10. That would make a lot of sense. How about what to call it? I like

International Activism for the Elimination of Non-consensual Studies.”

Do you have suggestions? If you do, please share them in the comment field below.

10 Tips for Activism

1. Write letters to the editor. Most newspapers are online and will have information about how to submit one. In general, they are under 200 words (most Word programs have word counts) and tend to request something – a change in opinion or policy, etc. We can ask for the Patriot Act to end, a Congressional investigation into the FBIs Cointel program, provide info on Fusion Centers, etc.
2. If you can, write an op-ed. They are a harder to publish, but it’s possible. There are a few online places where anybody can submit an op-ed, like American Chronicle.
3. Call all the Suicide Prevention hotlines and crisis centers and make sure they know about TIs. Print a one-page fact sheet (cut & paste information or write it from scratch).
4. Call all the mental health centers and associations (APA, NAMI), etc. and provide them with information on organized stalking and the difference between paranoia and hyper-vigilance –
5.Call all of the human rights organizations and tell them about organized stalking.
6. Contact ALL your elected officials and tell them about organized stalking and what they could do (if on a state level, pass legislation like what Michigan has or the State Surveillance Repeal Act) (if on a federal level – Congress – tell them to end the Patriot Act and investigate the FBI).
7. Contact those from the previous Cointelpro – the group that broke into the FBI office – and seek their help and advice.
8. Contact the media – TV, radio, newspapers, etc. – and ask them to write about this. Offer to be interviewed or to refer them to those who can be interviewed (Tyrone Dew most likely – I don’t know of others yet).
9. Blog about this and link to blogs. Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
10. Hold educational events – talk to schools, classrooms, civic organizations, have a table at the mall, etc. about organized stalking. Create flyers, fact sheets, etc.

Ask for a more transparent government

I never knew there was a ‘Sunshine Week’ (this week) or a ‘Freedom of Information Day’ (Monday, March 16). This is a great opportunity to get our stories out. Please plan to do something next year in March – write a letter to the editor or an op-ed, reach out to privacy groups, etc. Activism like this can help you feel less like a victim, and think of all the positive results it can have on society, in general. If we all do our part, we will begin to see action. COINTELPRO ended in 1971 – it can end again.

Here’s a story from the Washington Post

Sunshine week: what can the government do to be more transparent to you?