End covert electronic harassment

Here’s a petition to sign – it goes to Senator Rand Paul…

End covert electronic weapons

Senator Rand Paul:
President Obama and Congress can not continue to be blind to the injustices of covert electronic harassment and torture (using military grade weaponry) on millions of non-consensual, law abiding citizens inside the privacy of their home! Because you lead the heroic effort to dismantle parts of the Patriot Act, we are kindly asking you to take the lead once more to prohibit and investigate the barbaric act of Electronic Harassment by means of Executive Order or Legislation.

There are currently 159 signatures. NEW goal – We need 200 signatures

Petition to revoke Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

I voted for Obama and was thrilled to have such a great African American man in the White House for the first time – such a break through and a milestone in history. However, I am incredibly disappointed that this man will allow Cointelpro to target innocent people.

Although I loved him from the start, I was not in agreement that he should win the Nobel Prize at the time – it was too early and he didn’t really do anything to deserve it. It was for his future efforts but that’s not how this prize should be awarded, is it? And, now, after being in this evil program for 13 months, I am sickened to realize this tremendous award was given to anyone with oversight of this nonconsensual torture of innocent people.

TI community, please consider signing this petition. I’ve read that this prize has never been revoked, but perhaps they would reconsider that policy after knowing he’s allowing Cointelpro to torture innocent (often whistle blowers, the epitome of freedom of speech) Americans.

Roots Action petition to revoke Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

Obama, I had such high hopes for you…sigh